Apple's Latest Procurement Can Enhance iPhone’s Camera Capability

Apple’s Latest Procurement Can Enhance iPhone’s Camera Capability

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple has now acquired Spectral Edge Ltd., a UK-based startup focused on developing several innovative image-capturing technologies. The startup has developed a technology, which makes efficient use of infrared radiation sensors to capture shots. This infrared-based technology along with machine learning generates crisper images with more accurate colors as compared to the standard images. Based on the filings, Spectral Edge is managing Apple’s imaging technology.

Last year, the startup mentioned in a TechCrunch profile that the technology could be either hardware- or software-linked. Its prospective applications comprise the enhancement of smartphone images captured during low light and the improvement in drone footage. Neither of the company has revealed the exact transaction value for acquisition, but according to rigorous information, Spectral Edge grabbed funding of $5.3 Million last year.

On a related note, Apple has recently rolled out an iOS 13.3 update, which particularly includes a parental control feature, also known as Communication Limits. This feature doesn’t let children communicate with people unless their parents allow them by entering a secret code. CNBC reported that this security feature could be easily infringed by simply receiving a text from that unknown contact number. After receiving a text, one can add the contact number into the contact list, unless the contacts are not synced with the Cloud. After adding the contact, one can call, text, or FaceTime with the contact person.

Apple has admitted the glitch, and said that the feature could only be breached if the phone is set at non-default configuration. The tech giant also stated that they are trying to resolve the glitch in the feature. Meanwhile, one can make this feature functional by synchronizing the contacts with iCloud and setting that sync account to “Default.” One can also activate the “Downtime” mode in its smartphone, which will also not allow one’s kids to add any contacts.

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