Eluceda technology is motivated by the need to stop fakes

Eluceda technology is motivated by the need to stop fakes

Products in the food and drink, personal care, and pharmaceutical packaging industries, among others, are increasingly benefiting from the company’s product and brand identification services, as well as its biological and chemical testing capabilities.

Manufacturing processes can incorporate its taggant technology, for example, by adding it to the masterbatch for films or stiff plastic items like caps and bottles. It can also be applied in localised regions, such as on the coating or adhesive used for packaging or labelling.

“Integrating covert security technologies into a product’s packaging is a real focus for many high-end brands as they look to protect their brands from counterfeit,” said Richard Burhouse, commercial director at Eluceda. “Our portfolio of taggant, forensic marker, and reader technologies is helping in these applications.”

Eluceda has been able to speed up the development and rollout of its detecting technologies thanks to recent financing rounds. The most recent round brought in slightly over £1 million.

Burhouse continued, “As a company, we are concentrating on making the technological investments and human resource preparations necessary to roll out our innovative detection technologies to our core market verticals. The attention we’ve received from all around the world, in addition to the discovery of novel uses for our platforms, gives us reason to believe that our expansion into new areas will provide continued success.

Since all raw materials are manufactured by the company itself, it has not been affected by the current supply chain disruptions.

Burhouse noted that “the one area where we do experience pressure is leadtimes and availability of certain of the chips we use in our readers,” but that the company has moved swiftly to guarantee that the issue wouldn’t affect its customers.

Inflation on a global scale, he added, is prompting many companies to look for other suppliers in an effort to cut costs, which in turn raises the risk of substandard products being substituted.

In essence, “the potential for counterfeit or substitute are being driven by the challenges of the current economic scenario.”

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