Google Maps Assists You Search For EV Chargers Compatible With Your Car

Google Maps Assists You Search For EV Chargers Compatible With Your Car

Google Maps can assist you find accessible electric vehicle charging stations, but that does not mean they are stations you can employ—and that may be an issue if you show up at the incorrect station with no battery. Luckily, Google may assist you to prevent that slip-up in the coming period. It lately upgraded Maps for Android (it is not obvious that iOS has this still) to let filtering stations by those that your vehicle shows support for. If you do not have an adapter and require a CHAdeMO station, you will know just where you can head to refill the battery.

There is also the latest “EV settings” update in the settings of the app that you can employ to arrange your plug choices.

This filtering is not a new idea amongst apps for finding an EV station. It does, on the other hand, bring the choice to a much broader user-base. And strictly talking, inclusions such as this will expectedly be required moving forward. Car manufacturers will electrify a rising number of their lineups in the years to come, and you will most likely need to have these types of charger options in the navigation apps you are already dealing with.

On a related note, Google turns its mapping products more immersive and informative with the help of imagery, and now the firm is offering us a more profound look into its map-making procedure. The tech behemoth claims it has snapped more than 10 million miles of pictures for Street View, so far, which is sufficient to circle the world 400 times. In addition to this, it claims that Google Earth has HD satellite pictures worth 36 million square miles that users can browse, and those pictures cover regions where 98% of the complete population resides.

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