Travelex held to ransom by the hackers who hold key customer data

Travelex held to ransom by the hackers who hold key customer data

Travelex which is a company engaged in the business of foreign exchange has been held at ransom by the hackers who had unleashed ransomware which is requesting a payment most likely in cryptocurrency of $6 million.

As per a statement which had been issued on the 7th of January, the company has said that the intrusion had been discovered on the 31st of December. The company has said that it has taken all of its systems offline as a measure which was precautionary.

The company till date can not give any confirmation that though there has been some encryption on the data there are no evidences that the structured personal data of the customers has been encrypted. The statement of the company further states that there is no evidence as of now that any of the data is being exfiltrated.

As per the reports, the data of the customers such as the credit card information, date of birth and the other numbers have been at risk.

The hackers have said that if the payment is made, they are going to delete and not use the database and also restore it to the network but also said that if the payment is not made in two days it is going to be doubled and if it is not made in a week the data is going to be sold.

There is no information on whether Travelex is presently in negotiations with the hackers and there is no information on when services are going to resume.

The customers have been very unhappy too as their money is in limbo with the operations being stalled.

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